morning fare


Served in the Gallery Dining Room between 8am and 9.30am.

light and tasty

The Old Schoolhouse provides as standard a tasty and light continental breakfast - included in the B&B standard price.

Fruit Juices

Fresh Fruit & Yoghurts,

Jams & Fruit Compotes,


Choc CocoPops /Cornflakes/Muesli/Granola.


Wheaten/Brown Granary/ Plain White,

Served: Coffee, Black Tea or a Herbal/Fruit Tea.

Gluten free Bread and Cereals avail on request

Boiled Egg (3,5 or 8 mins) with Toast.


the old schoolhouse special

a two course breakfast

The Old Schoolhouse Special Breakfast is a two course Breakfast, especially prepared for you using local/Northern Irish and free-range with healthy options.

Why not try Granny Ireland’s homemade Granola or yoghurt based wheaten bread or John’s warming scrambled and spice eggs, or go for a blended vitamin rich smoothie to wake you up! Typical menu below.

£5 pp


Course 1

Old School House Porridge – served with honey, seeds or nuts, and milk (ss, cc, almond). (*GF option on request).

Old School House Homemade Granola – oats, maple syrup and nuts (*Gluten free oats).

Green Smoothie – spinach, cucumber, ginger, apple,lemon

Course 2

Schoolhouse Fry – fried eggs, ‘near natural’ bacon, sausage, potato or soda bread & tomato. *Veggie sausage on request.

Schoolhouse Scrambled – scrambled eggs served on toasted granary toast or the Schoolhouse Scrambled Spice - scrambled eggs with a pinch of warming masala spice.

Schoolhouse Luxury – poached eggs with smoked salmon served on toasted bagel/or bread of choice. 

Schoolhouse Smash – smashed avocado on toasted bagel/bread of choice and tomatoes on the side, also available with egg of choice.

Schoolhouse Nutty Malt – Almond Nut Butter on toasted malted brown (Veda) bread/bread of choice  with chopped tomatoes on the side, or if available homemade Hummus.